Artém Atelier is a craft and artisan brand that started his story in Barcelona in 2015 and came to existence because we wanted to redesign leather articles, contributing our point of view and personal skills.

The mix of avant-garde ideas, craftsmanship and ethical use of materials, the intention of each item that the workshop creates is to magnify the essential and omitting the excessive. We bring elegance with a modern design to our bags and accessories, speaking quality, tradition and craftsmanship.

With a minimal and intelligent design, sharp lines and smart proportions, the accessories and shoes, all made by hand and by limited means of production, combines old world craft methods with modern function.

In a world of fast consumerism where everything is over-marketed, we want to stay true to our vision, our values, our style and our customers.

Our workshop in Barcelona is our cozy, welcomed place, located next to our shop, where people can see freely how we work on creating our products, bringing transparency and sharing our vision to everyone.