Exciting things for modern people

The mix of avant-garde ideas, craftsmanship and ethical use of materials, the intention of each item that the workshop creates is to magnify the essential and omitting the excessive.

BRICK bag / Black and Green

Black bag with a different touch.

New Harness Bag in Brown colour

Eclectic, modern and individual just like your style!


We know that accessories have the power to elevate our looks.


Say hello to your new everyday accessory.

It's all you need to go about your day in style.

Summer Forever

Designed and handcrafted in artisanal way in our workshop in Barcelona using high quality natural materials to finish any of your summer looks.


Did you know that mobiles sculptures bring peace and tranquility to your home? Have a look at this piece of art that we created using leather and metal structure.


This pouch may be little, but it sure comes in handy on days when you only want to carry your essentials. Minimalists will love it.

Crossbody Bags Collection

Precision and handmade artisan production make our bags different and desirable.

Artém Atelier

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Monday to Friday, 11am - 14pm / 16pm - 20pm

Saturday and Sunday by appointment