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Let's Have fun on Valentine's Day

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That time has come, that time of reading hearts and all that stuff which lovers want to do- it’s called Valentine’s DAY. Independently, we are not such a big fan of this day, and yes we know most of you will slightly judge us, but bear with us for a moment and we will let you grasp why. 

You see, it’s not that we don’t find this holiday cute, it is, yep is so cool to observe all this couple surprising themselves with romantic dinners, accompanied by heart-shaped gifts, and love letters reading “You are the love of my life”, “the sunshine of my heart” or “  I am sorry to be such an asshole, I will do best” etc etc. But hey, shouldn’t we do this all year? 

Subsequently, well, most humans are becoming quite anxious about this holiday, constantly trying to surprise their lovers, not always succeeding, propping them in a bad light. Just because most of us are not able to express our feelings, we stuff presents to our other half to express our “appreciation”. Bless you, Valentine’s Day, but no thank you.


Now, on a more serious note, you don’t need Valentine's Day to show your love to your other half, love is there every day and every day it's a special day if you live it with the persona you love the most. Love should be celebrated every day, and you don’t need big gestures, dozens of presents, a mountain of flowers to show love. Loving it’s free and is for everyone.

Presently, what do you do if you are solo? (and don’t let it be misunderstood, there are people who are extraordinary in being solo).We got some cool ideas
. For all the couples out there “don’t hate us” but being single on Valentine's Day for solo people is a way to have some fun.
Once we heard a comedian uttering a remarkable humorous sentence: “if you are solo, take yourself to a romantic dinner, sit at a table next to a happy couple and pretend to cry.” Damn, you may think is mean but from another point of view, it’s quite comic.
We all know that to be able to love someone you have to love yourself first and because we love ourselves we are going out and take the best from this fun holiday. Why? Because we are free. (and we all know what that means.) ;)

The list can go on but, unfortunately, we must stop here because according to new marketing rules, nobody likes to read more than 500-700 words in a blog post.
And because we want to make everyone happy, we have a kuku surprise for all the lovers out there. Our special edition keyholders in a heart shape.  It's special because is limited edition and if you buy one you get one free.


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