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Artisan & Craftsmanship

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               Prioritizing Craftmanship and Innovating design in a lieu of Hype and logomania.

Our world has a rich history of artisan leather crafts, classic and modern, which for the past years has been forgotten.
Artisans are dying because the majority of people don’t prioritize craftmanship and quality in a world of fast movements and consumerism. 
In a recent article written by New York Times, we were impressed by the words of a student who said: “Most of us can’t afford — nor approve of — having an entire factory of workers.” And is entirely true.
We forgot that our parents were placing the order for their shoes to the shoe’s maker from the neighborhood, city or village. Shoes that sometimes were lasting for more than 1 decade. A beautiful way to support small and local businesses.

What our generation doesn’t understand is that craftsmanship cannot be compared with a factory, quality will never be the same. Most of the items created in a fast factory don’t use natural materials and has a low quality. In less than 1 year you may find yourself buying the same product.

Of course, the artisan products have a higher value, but if we calculate the amount of money spent in 5 years purchasing one pair of shoes per year, we realize that we spend more money than purchasing one pair of artisan shoes which last more than 5 years. Here is where our fear as consumers rise- we see a higher price and we don’t understand the value and same principle applies to a lower value.

To appreciate the work of an artisan we must understand the concept of this word.

Historically the word “artisan” was specific and concrete. Nowadays it seems that this word is easily used by a lot of factories and people without understanding the meaning of it. Here is a great article, written by Dandelion Chocolate in which explains the definition of a real artisan before the Industrial Revolution came.
It’s important to understand that most of the artisan watched their parents work and their technique was passed from generation to generation, becoming very specialized. As an example, a great bag can take a serious amount of hours to be created and to have a great quality and resistance a special set of skills is need it that no mechanic toy can replace it.

In this business, you have to keep working because every product is handmade one by one and each one is different. Even if your clients chose to change suppliers to cut costs, or they consider that the prices are higher in the end, they will come back, because quality will always be above time and resistance.

Bellow we are going to mention few of our favorite brands who support craftsmanship:

1. Tanner Goods

2. Bespoke and Beyond

3. Iriarte Iriarte

4. Saddler Scandinavia

5. Zamt

6. Undandy

Of course, there are more to mention and in the future, we will make sure to share with you all of our favorites.

Feel free to list your favorite artisan brands with us.

                                Artém Khudoroshkov- founder and creative designer at Artém Atelier


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